“I was shocked to find some rats in my Murrieta basement, and immediately scheduled Morton Pest Control to come out. I was surprised they came over just when I needed them to and were able to develop a plan to get rid of the rats. I didn’t have to do anything but wait for them to finish and it was over! So glad I called them, thanks guys!”
“Great customer service, Morton Pest Control has been around for a long time, Brian the technician that comes out for our monthly service is really nice and informative! I would recommend this company to anyone! ”
Debbie Penny
“Thank you for spraying the bugs away. I have used their service for over a year and the bugs have diminished to almost none in my house. I get a service of outside spraying once or twice a year, only problem I have had a slight communication problem on the phone with the office person, but she quickly resolved it.”
Annamarie S.
“They have excellent customer service friendly punctual . Everyone at the company is nice and there service is 5 star in every way.”
Creswell S.
“We have used Morton Pest Control for over 25 years 4 different homes our monthly service which I encourage everyone to take advantage of, out here in the hot weather bugs and critters love it out here, we have never had any problems with their service we have always had nothing but punctual, professional, friendly & very conscientious & fantastic service. Bill, Larry and Brian are #1, we have the usually ants, spiders & occasional bee hives in the trees and of course rats when the city decides to build right across from our community, even birds that love to nest in the chimney, when ever they are out to service our property we get nothing but best from this Company. We wouldn’t hesitate to refer them and the friendly reminder calls from Barbra or Janyse Just to make sure we have our service date & time and no conflicts they are so friendly & if we need something extra they always accommodate. Great Job Morton Pest Control we appreciate your outstanding service.”
Kimberly P.
“I found Morton Pest Control through Yelp and I am really glad I called them. For the first time we had a problem with rats and mice in our barn and I had tried several different ways to get rid of them. We had also suffered through several summers with ants. At my wits end, I called Morton and spoke with Barbara. She got us on the books and we started getting service immediately. Larry came out and we talked about the problem and I explained that I had livestock, small dogs and chickens and I was afraid of poison. Together we worked out a system that would work with what we wanted and what was necessary to fix our problem. Within about 2 months, our issues were resolved. I don’t think I have seen a rat in at least a month and our infestation was bad. This was also the first summer/fall that I can remember when we didn’t have ants – not a single one. Everyone there is super friendly and they go out of their way to be accommodating. I am a very happy customer!”
Annalouisa M.
“Bryan ones to spray our yard once a mo th and I have not seen a spider since he started. I used to have tons of black widows and that has gone away. They also spray so that we have flea protection for our dogs.”
Laura B
“We have been using Morton Pest Control for years, Maybe 10, 12 years.You can always count on them to do the job right and accomplish what is needed. The technician that come to your home is very knowledgeable in Pest Control. I would never think of using another pest controller. And before I came across Morton I did use some of the top name companies. and all I found was high price and dishonest. You’ll never get that with Morton Pest Control. Thank you Morton Pest Control.”
Olga M.